Amritasyaha Putraha

Lord-Dhanvantari   Amritasyaha Putraha Vayam

We are the children of Immortality. We are Immortal Bliss.

And we are talking about diseases and death and miseries of life.

To understand health in a thorough manner we have to understand who we are?

Are we only this gross body? Are we only mind? Are we only emotions?
Are we here for diseases n death?

My Perspective:

In my 20 years of experience i have seen to people got cured from simplest to fatal diseases..

The quest reached to his answer.
We can only get out of the diseases n death when we truly understand the creation of universe by beautiful woven of art n science together.

We wont get result by only using art or by only using science.

Art and Science are..?

“Healing, Papa would tell me, is not a science but the intuitive art of wooing nature.”

– W. H. Auden
Twentieth Century Poet.

We are much more than this physical body.

Whole world talks about miseries anxiety helplessness powerlessness when it comes to health. That is because we have forgotten our true self .. we are microcosmic version of macro-cosmic universe.

We are not allowing our body to heal.

Because of our misconception, Belief Patterns, Archetypes, Habits… Etc..  etc..

How to get to the truth? The truth of Health.

Yad pinde tad brahmande.

For that we have to understand wholeness of ourselves.

Physical (gross) body

So when we know that Healing is an intuitive art of Nature we come to the understanding that “Healing means intersection of the physical body with its biochemistry of emotions and natural pathways.”

On the other hand when it comes to us ‘We are just living life and not Experiencing Life”. When we experience life we open all avenues of life. We let nature work for us and we invoke our own healing powers.

We can come to the flow of life when we experience…

Everything in life works in a pattern..

We have to understand this…
In our ignorance we just follow life in one pattern… understand it… gain BODH about it…

break it.. and merge with universal pattern…

Fragmentation Knowledge is very vague term..

When we implement it, then it becomes BODH… And we become BODHIN. The awakened self. The one with supreme knowledge.

We all are one.

It the SOURCE ENERGY. It is the spirit of nature.
It is your DEEPEST SELF. It is your life force.

The laws of nature are this energy, encoded within those laws is an intelligent genetic evolutionary impulse to evolve life forms which have an ever increasing ability for self awareness.

Scientists have proved that splitting atoms creates a release of phenomenal ENERGY.
E = mc2
The law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed therefore this energy has always been caused the big bang and is older than the physical universe.

This energy is present NOW

Within every atom of your body.  This energy is conscious and intelligent.
It is the self organising principle within NATURE.
It is what guides the grand design of nature.

To eliminate feeling of separation and merge with the source of life within you is to align your SELF with the energy ..  with the atomic structure that creates your BEING.

To know your real self is your birth right and is as basic to human nature as
Smelling, Tasting, eating, Sleeping, Walking, Talking, Breathing, Seeing hearing thinking feeling and Sexual  intercourse.

All human activities we know quite well..

This is the true wisdom.

Through centuries of political cultural and religious exploitation… Most human beings have forgotten What we are?

We have lost TOUCH with their real self.
The universal essence of all life in the universe and the state of our planet reflects this today.

Our attention should be unmodified by

Fear, Vision, concepts, Thoughts, projections, religion ideas ,body consciousness ,The passing of time, Thinking about the future or the past….

The ability for deep thought and feeling..

Leading to the real wisdom of knowing the actual truth of their own existence which is that the ULTIMATE PURPOSE of the life is the absolute joy of living.

Also explain unlearning … What u have learnt

Cosmic consciousness ..
it is your self unfolding joy.. Which exists within every cell of your body.                         This is not intellectual.. the only intellectual part is learning

In short…at the end


In this condition I am Visualising Transformation…

I visualise in my this vision…

We all BE FREE of stress and diseases


The new world Vision will be…

In Oneness and Timelessness our life BEING LIGHT TRUTH and IMMORTALITY.

New life where ‘HUMAN – which is GOD WITHIN MAN’


In latin Hu means God. God Within Man is HUMAN.

Let’s all invoke that GOD WITHIN MAN.


Dr. Sejal Sanghavi

MD (Homeopath).